CUAN Cipta Utama Andalan is a state of the art, total technology solution company whose core competency remains in designing, consulting, implementing and maintenance as well as supporting robust, reliable, highly secured and highly scalable data center power solutions with the lowest cost of ownership possible. CUAN remains ahead of its competition by providing tomorrow’s technology today and breaking new grounds in the advancement of “exact” data center products and services.

CUAN’s highly expert industry- focused teams are well equipped with deep knowledge , exalted expertise and passionate commitment as well as core elements of delivering superior results and valuable solutions that are beyond expectation.

Our role is to analyze the requirements of clients and provide the right technology solutions that will suit the client’s needs. This will lead into eliminating redundant costs, increasing productivity and return on investment (ROI) through reductions in downtime and finally lowering total cost of ownership (TCO).

CUAN is focusing its efforts on driving value, efficiency and profitability to its customers throughout every aspect of its business. We believe that through bilateral collaborations in developing strong foundations, CUAN , its partners, customers and affiliates will experience mutual growth.



Operation & Maintenance

CUAN can provide skilled professionals to operate and maintain any component under the predefined categories. This can be achieved either through outsourcing manpower contract or lending engineers​. Please let me know if you have further information as to Operation & Maintenance

Data Center Cleaning

Our cleaning technicians are among the leading technical cleaning specialists. Having a good experience in technical cleaning, we know exactly what the industry needs. We enable processes to run smoothly and ensure maximum process reliability.